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 About us

Maugee’s Market is an online store that caters to the needs of people at important times of their lives.

Moms looking for that correct breast pump or accessory?

We supply post natal products from quality manufacturers at special online pricing. 

Looking to get fit again? 

We supply rehab products to assist your exercise program.

Working out too much and feeling a few aches?

Our cold and hot products will soothe that area so it heals.

Suffering with a chronic pain condition?

Electrotherapy just may be the ticket to keep you drug free and comfortable.

Treating a wound that hasn’t responded to conventional treatments?

Consider e-stim for closure success.

Health professional looking for supplies for their practice?

Check out our specials, this online store can supply you everything from Axelgaard electrodes to the Micro Z mini for wound healing.