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Breast Pumps
When you bring your new baby home, the last thing you want to worry about is whether your breastpump is sanitary and if it is functioning properly. Some moms try to save money by buying or borrowing used - but a pre-owned breastpump might not be such a bargain. In Canada, breastpumps are considered medical devices and must be registered with Health Canada to be sold. Health Canada's regulations state that only hospital-grade breastpumps (such as Medela's Symphony breastpump) can be used by more than one mother. All other breastpumps are considered single-use devices such as Medela's Freestyle, Pump In Style, Swing, MinElectric and Harmony. These regulations are in place by Health Canada to protect the general public. Know your risks Cross-contamination: Research evidence suggests that certain viruses and bacteria are transmittable through breastmilk. The owner of the breastpump may not be aware that she is a carrier of one of these viruses or bacteria. Since internal parts cannot be sterilized, the risk of cross-contamination associated with re-using a previously-owned breastpump cannot be dismissed, even when using an entirely new kit or tubing. -The Medela Pump In Style has an internal diaphragm that cannot be removed, replaced, or fully sterilized. -The Medela Freestyle, Swing and MiniElectric breastpump have internal motors that cannot be removed, replaced or fully sterilized. For that reason, Health Care Professionals say that single-user breastpumps (all brands) should only be used by one person because there is no way to guarantee the breastpump can be cleaned and disinfected between uses.